2018-03-17: Weekly News

Hello and welcome to another issue of This Week in Blender Development! Blender is the free and opensource 3D creation suite for the next generation of artist. Follow the development on Twitter @BlenderDev.

This Week in Blender Development is openly developed on Github so please report any recommendations, bugs, or PRs for this website there.

If you have idea for some great feature that you think should be part of Blender try making a post on https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/


Remember, you can test any changes done in master or blender2.8 by going to the developmental builds download page

Changes to Blender


  • GHOST: Support Unity taskbar progress API rB41149ca1


  • UV/Image Editor: Optimize UV Drawing rBcca1e1b7
  • Clay: Refactor: Port clay to a deferred pipeline rBb4209b13
  • Eevee: Render: Allow cancel during probe update rB266cdf95

New Patches

  • Proof of concept multi-object edit-mode D3101
  • Denoising Baking Results D3099

Other Projects

  • None


  • None